Rent a great place in NW Portland right off 24th

About the place:
If youre tired of looking at converted basements and attics, this is for you. Ive lived here almost 4 years now and love calling it home. Youd be sharing this very large 2 bedroom 2nd floor apartment with balcony. Youre only 1 block from the street car, a park, and within 2 blocks of the eateries on 23rd and 21st. Excellent location for enjoying all of downtown, but having a safe, livable neighborhood to come home to.

Great hardwood floors throughout. Full living room with working fireplace, full separate dining room with balcony and wine cabinet, kitchen, shared bathroom, and 2 separate bedrooms. Lots of neat turn of the century tidbits (cloak closets, wine closet, etc). Garden are in the back you can grow things if you so desire. Very large locked basement storage room just for our apartment and basement work area with lots of tools. Apartment has lots of light and air in the summer, and is high enough up to have no safety issues opening everything up in the summer.

Minimally but basically furnished. I have all the basic kitchen stuff, brand new fridge, gas oven+stove, kitchen table/chairs, couch, and so forth. Some of furniture is going with roommate, so therere will be room for your stuff.


         Water and garbage are free; utilities (internet, electricity and gas) run ~$50/mo

         Very large lockable storage room in basement just for our apt

         Backyard garden that you can use if you want to grow things and patio with large new gas grill youre free to use

         Plenty of great hot water; no pest problems - no niggling annoyances.

         Heat/stove are gas cheap in summer, a bit more in winter (obviously)

         Ive already got DSL/wireless internet that can be shared, and cable is available but not currently subscribed.

         Plenty of street parking I never have to park more than half a block away. Some folks rent garages in area if you want a garage.

         Small balcony to enjoy summer days+grow plants

         Private set of 2 washer/dryers downstairs shared with neighbors (never much of a wait in my experience)

         Other dwellers are the owner, younger couple, and an older lady. All very friendly and quiet.

         Friendly, quiet, and safe neighborhood and apt no noisy neighbors or big parties but friends and bbqs always welcome.

         Sorry but strictly no pets, smoking, or illegal substances.

Outside view via Google maps:



Main living area + dining room. Yes, the fireplace is fully functional and used semi-regularly:



Back yard with garden you can use, patio, and BBQ you can use with friends



Available anytime after Oct 31st; or possibly sooner if you need. Current roommate is moving closer to their new job/family.

About you:
Looking for someone thats stably employed (preferably in a professional job), low drama, clean, relatively quiet, sane (i.e. no drugs), and pays bills on time at the first of the month without needing to be reminded. Male or female fine (previous occupants have been both male and female). Landlady will want to meet you before move in.

About your roommate:
Im a laid-back, early 30s professional software engineer thats stably employed looking for a similar professional person. Need my sleep for the 8-5 shift. Mostly quiet and clean - grew up in a big family, so living with folks is the norm for me. I expend a lot of energy where I work during the day. And while I enjoy being social and going to concerts, brewpubs, out with friends, etc - home time is often recharge time for me so you might only get a nod and a hows it going half the week. Just expect you to pay your rent and bills on time and keep the place reasonably clean and I doubt well have any fuss.

Rent is $600/mo, with one month rent and $200 refundable security deposit at move-in. Utilities (gas/electric/internet) split 2 ways - water and garbage are free. Cable is available, but I don't currently have it. Need a 6 month minimal commitment and then month to month after that.

About the room:

The room is 12" 1/2 by 11", and has a longer, thin walk-in closet in it. The room faces north overlooking the garden and has a clear view of St Helens on clear days. There is a lot of different colored paints in the basement you can feel free to paint the room whatever color youd like.

IMG_0055 IMG_0066

Contact for more info
503-274-0599 and leave a message.